Keeping your Beverages Warm with Technology

Coffee drinking today has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. People will line up for long periods of time at their favorite coffee spot to get their morning Cup of Joe. Many businesses were built and continue to thrive on this premise. But, what about that cup of coffee you make for yourself at home. How can you get the same results, and have it last a long time? Traditional coffee cups do not help to retain the temperature and unless you drink it quickly, you will find your coffee has gone cold. There is a website for a company who may have come up with a solution to this. Visit to find what you are looking for. They have designed a cup made of both stainless steel and ceramic that can be plugged into your smartphone. Using their app, you can set the temperature you need your coffee to stay at and it will make it happen. The coffee (or tea, if you prefer) will stay hot for hours if you move the cup periodically. It does have an automatic off switch after two hours of standstill time. It has a built-in memory, so you can unplug your cup from your device and take it with you. It will still maintain the temperature you put in.

How Far Advances in Technology Have Come
Smartphones are all the rage today and people use them not only as a telephone, but, to monitor the security systems in their homes while they are away, keep track of their children’s activities with locators and much more. Parents can send a signal to their child’s device letting them know it is time to come home. No longer do Mothers and Fathers need to yell down the street to their son or daughter. Group text messages are quite often sent to friends and family members as reminders of important events or appointments. The possibilities are endless it seems with this technology.

Where Technology is Going
It seems that every day another advance is happening in technology. Not only with handheld devices but in many other fields. The medical field is using technology to bring better health to patients. Artificial limbs is just one of these advances in medicine. The outlook for technology in the future seems endless and those with the education and knowledge are at the leading edge of it. Earning a degree in technological science has become a major goal for most students.

Some of today’s technology may seem frivolous to some, but, these small advances, such as a heated coffee cup, may bring about other more intricate needs. By using prototypes and small-scale models, technicians can pinpoint errors and make corrections to their products. The ongoing growth of computers and access to information worldwide via the internet helps most people learn what is needed and find an avenue to fill that need. Technology seems to have limitless possibilities and keeping up with it is crucial.

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