How a proxy server can be useful for you

It is obvious that a proxy server of your provider speeds up work with the Internet. This is because sometimes different users try to access the same resources. Some sites and files have been downloaded by other users of this provider and they are in cache, consequently, the page is loaded not from a remote server, but from a proxy server, as the result, the download process is much faster.

Many proxy servers allow you to hide your IP when visiting your websites, so the access through a proxy becomes anonymous. In fact, the owner of the portal does not make much effort to collect some useful information about you as a user, including your IP address, your browser, the host country, operating system and information about the provider. That is why many users are trying to hide all this information. But at the same time, it gives you an excellent opportunity to see information from the site that changes the answer according to the country from which you have sent a request. Also, using the proxy allows you to visit the website of your competitors anonymously. For getting proxy servers of high quality, simply address the proxy seller company

Nowadays every person can face a problem of getting his IP address by a hacker and can be a victim of his attack on your data. As a result, you can lose valuable documents stored on your computer and personal information. In general, there is plenty of proxy servers that allow you to hide your real IP address. But not all proxy servers can provide you with complete anonymity.
Actually, a site administrator (the online content that you are consuming using a proxy server) identifies not only the IP address of the proxy server but also your real IP address, that is the address from which the proxy is accessed.

Unfortunately, the proxy server does not delete cookies. But you can simply solve this issue doing it by yourself. It can be done whether by prohibiting the use of cookies in your browser settings or putting the read-only attribute in the properties of the cookie.txt file.
If you decide to use the service of such server, you can always find a “good” proxy for your own purpose on the It could be a proxy that declares accessibility to all users or a proxy that does not restrict access, which is unknown to the general public.

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